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1 review for Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Disclaimer: The items were bought at the RepArchive discount price Aooko offers to everyone coming from RA. This does not influence my opinion. I owned rep Ray-Bans before that broke after a week.

    Item: Rayban New Wayfarers Black 55mm Prescription Polarized Lenses

    Options: There are different frames, colors, polarized or regular and 52mm/55mm models for the New Wayfarer. The prices differs depending on your choice.

    Order Process: Hubert’s English is very good and he helps you with any questions and answers quickly during his business hours. I decided I wanted prescription lenses this time.
    Here’s the easiest way to do it: I went to my local optician. They offer free eyesight tests to get you to buy glasses. I took the information I got on a little card and sent it to Hubert from Aooko. The little card didn’t have the pupil distance on it, but for that I used what I had on my 2 year old glasses (there are tutorials online to measure yours). Then Hubert got to work, of course making prescription lenses with your exact measurements takes time.

    Details: Since the lenses are custom made they don’t have the little logo on the lenses. This would be the actual flaw with Aooko’s. So you’re not missing out.
    The engraving on the side is 100% perfect. It actually stands out a tiny bit like retail. On the pictures it looks a bit rugged, but you can’t see that unless you zoom in with a DSLR camera. With your bare eyes they are just flawless. The hinges are a sturdy 2 piece design, like retail and harder to move than my $8 reps that broke.
    I bought polarized ones and can confirm that they are polarized, however I think it is supposed to have polarized printed on the inside which it doesn’t.
    There are a bunch of experts who promised to test them for UV protection, so I’ll skip on that.

    Prescription Lenses: Holy, I was really excited when I put them on. After all there is a language barrier and maybe chinese opticians use different measurements or whatever. But the prescription is just right. 10/10, I didnt know how little of the world I see until I wore these.

    Extras: Comes with a leather pouch that is so much better than the $8 ones and feels like it’ll actually protect your glasses when travelling. Also comes with all the little extras shown in the pictures.

    Conclusion: These might change my life. First of all, I recommend everyone to take a free eyesight test if you can. Like me, you might not know how blind you are or how blind you’ve become. Then go to Aooko and order these! You cannot be called out on these: Just say you ordered the frame and got your lenses fitted by your optician. This explains the missing print on the lens and the missing “polarized”. I am incredibly happy with my new vision and purchase, both in terms of glasses and brand product. I will buy untinted ones now!

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