Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Bifold Wallet

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1 review for Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Bifold Wallet

  1. RepArchive

    Hi my friends, today I’ll review Victor’s Louis Vuitton Bifold wallet. I already did so in a video format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6QeJs6PfRQ

    General Information:
    Name: N62663 MULTIPLE WALLET Damier Graphite Canvas
    Price: 30$ (incl. Shipping)
    Retail Price: $490
    Disclaimer: This it was received at a discount.

    Order Process:
    Bought with direct shipping. Can’t say anything bad about Victor, he was recommended to me by Markin. I think we all know and love Markin now. I experienced the same quick replies from Victor, and weirdly enough they have almost the same Yupoo name. Make of it what you want.

    I got a working tracking code and the item arrived after 8 days. I feel like if I say this you guys won’t believe me, but the parcel was lost in china during the first attempt and he gave me a free replacement.

    I had 2 more expensive wallets from Nina to compare this too, 1 LV & 1 Gucci.

    Material. The feel of the material is great. It might go through a sticky phase when you start using it, but for now it’s good and I think the inside is better than my Gucci wallet because it has a rugged surface. Another difference is that the part to divide the full length storage area for bills is made of leather in this one and not plastic. So given that the outside is good as expected and the inside is better than what I’m used to / expected I give it a 10/10.

    Details. When it comes to the colors of the canvas I cannot say anything with 100% certainty. You need retail in the same light to do a precise comparison. For me personally it’s absolutely good enough. The “LOUIS VUITTON PARIS” writing on the outside is kind of hard to see from some angles, but that’s how retail is. The stitching is perfect all around: equal spacing, no overlapping, clean corners. The writing on the inside also looks 1:1.

    This is a budget cop so something must be wrong, right? Well, I spend a lot of time with this items for my videos and reviews and I couldn’t find it. Maybe the material is inferior in some way. Most likely there are cheaper versions of this on taobao. Maybe it will wear too fast.

    To me it’s almost to good to be true. And I know it’s dangerous to say that after admitting that I got a discount from Victor. I know some of you will disregard this review as fake, based on that. But for those of you, I can assure you the price tag of $30 shipped to your house is a hard fact that shouldn’t be disregarded easily.

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