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13 reviews for Kanye West Solid Color hoodie

  1. A_Reddit_User

    Great Thick hoodie

  2. A_Reddit_User

    Known from reviews. Great stuff, really thic.

  3. A_Reddit_User

    favourite item on this haul, its so thick and warm. you feel like youre wearing clouds and its so cheap for what you get. get your size and it will fit TTS. I’m a medium/large i got a large and is a sexy baggy feel.

  4. A_Reddit_User

    I love the comfy material, didnt want to oversize

  5. A_Reddit_User

    I was not sure why everyone has to have one of these in their haul. Now I get it.

  6. A_Reddit_User

    I like this hoodie a lot. A lot of people have been talking recently about there being “two batches” with different hoods on this hoodie, and I have no idea what they’re talking about. The hood on this hoodie is really small and looks ridiculous which is why I took a point off, other than that this hoodie is a 10/10

  7. A_Reddit_User

    Fits true to size, very comfortable and soft hoodie. My head is big so I usually dont use the hood on it because its small. I didn’t have problems getting my head through the hole when i put it on though, it’s just wearing that hoodie up looks mad goofy haha. Overall, this is a good basic hoodie to throw on when youre going out or when its cold, itll definitely keep you warm and its basic af so you cant really go wrong. Somebody told me it reminded them of a marshmallow lmaoooo.

  8. A_Reddit_User

    Very thicc and comfortable, kkk hood, this is a must imo for every rep fam out there to keep you warm, tts or size down one

  9. A_Reddit_User

    Fits oversized but still go TTS or you won’t get into it. Has nasty chemical smell though

  10. A_Reddit_User

    nice cw (apricot), love the absence of the drawstrings, material is sooo fucking soft.

  11. A_Reddit_User

    plain but good.

  12. A_Reddit_User

    A nice cheap hoodie, I don’t understand why it is so hyped though. My ¥86 Champion hoodie feels the same

  13. A_Reddit_User

    Also another item that has been review tons but here’s what I did: The sizing chart on these were confusing me so what I did was get two complete different sizes. The medium fits like an over sized medium which I quite like how it fits. Also what I really like about the medium is how the sleeves stack. I find that makes it look unique. Now with the XL it almost just fits like an over sized large or like a normal XL. The only part that is really big is on the stomach area other than that everything fits perfectly. The quality on these is great! Thick and super soft. For sizing it all depends how you like it to look. Next haul I might even go with a L and see how that one fits!

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