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5 reviews for Gucci Diamond Logo T-Shirt

  1. A_Reddit_User

    The t shirt fits TTS, and it’s absolutely 1:1 every single detail is perfect from the alignment of the print to the red stitching on the tag. EDIT: ONLY BLACK COLORWAY IS 1:1 RED HAS WRONG TAGS

  2. A_Reddit_User

    Been reviewed before, print is 1:1. Tee is like 1:1. Quality is fantastic. Got XL and it fits like TTS L. 10/10 MUST COP

  3. A_Reddit_User

    I won’t say much about this one, as it has been reviewed 1000 times and the consensus is that it is 0.999:1. I would say to size up by one as this does appear to be Asian sizing. I like how the shirt is rounded from the top at the neckhole. 10/10

  4. A_Reddit_User

    This one has been posted a few times now. It is .999:1. Flaws are the ‘made in italy’ is suppose to be in cream colour and the material may feel slightly different to the real one (I will check later). Definitely worth copping.

  5. A_Reddit_User

    This was something I was really excited for. Unfortunately it fits pretty small. The material isn’t so much t-shirt material like I expected, it’s more like under armor stretchy stuff. Dunno if that’s how retail is but i’ll still wear it. Aside from that, the print looks good and the tags are blue with the red stitches which is just like retail. Kinda scared to wash it but if the material isn’t 100% cotton I don’t think it’ll shrink too much.

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