PSG Neymar #10 Jersey + Shorts


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7 reviews for PSG Neymar #10 Jersey + Shorts

  1. Farouq

    Anyone knows the seller’s Wechat?

  2. bthundergun [PR]

    Second pair of this I bought in the exact same size and color.

    Details: The flaws are the same as on my last extended review you can find on RA: The logo is off centered. It’s not bad and hard to notice until you’re looking for it.

    Conclusion: Again, this price is unbeatable. You get a lot and the manufacturer thought about all the details, although they aren’t all perfectly executed this you won’t get called out. But after the flaws remain I can’t give it the best rating.

  3. bT

    Sizing: TTS

    Material: Very good, the fabric feels very authentic.

    Details: I can’t see anything wrong with the font, unlike others. The spacing between Neymar and JR should be bigger. The PSG-Logo-embroidery is slightly off-centered on the shorts and the shirt. The N in Nike could easily be plucked, the QC pics were taken right out of the parcel. Other than that it has every single details.

    Conclusion: This is a very very impressive rep for an even more impressive price. This piece got many more details than one might think of a soccer jersey. But from the back of the collar to the PSG logo everything is there and at least 90% right. The logo being off centered looks better on JimmlyWibblies Yellow version. The different spacing of the name could be blamed on sizing or size of your shoulders I guess. It is not 100% perfect. But what rep is?For the price it deserves 5 stars and is one of the most surprising pieces I ever owned. COP!

  4. A_Reddit_User

    I can’t speak for 1:1-ness, but it sure as hell looks good. First thing I noticed was the right font and numbers on the back, which is always a positive when you’re ordering jerseys from tao.

  5. A_Reddit_User

    Holy shit that looks 1:1

  6. A_Reddit_User

    Ain’t 1:1 at all, what are you talking about…

    Just look at the font, the name shouldn’t be rounded this way, but straight like this

    Number and name are also too small on op’s jersey

  7. p.p. JimlyWibblie

    This actually came as a shockert to me. I have a fair collection of rep football jerseys from aliexpress and dhgate and this beats all of them material wise and is the cheapest of the bunch. The badge and print could be a bit better but the quality of the shirt itself is extraordinary. It is sooo soft and comfortable, and is just a pleasure to wear. For the price you really can’t beat it. Oh yea, it also comes with a pair of shorts. The shorts fit well and are great in quality as well. Also a fun way to flex on Barca fans.

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