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5 reviews for Supreme Baseball Jersey

  1. A_Reddit_User

    Nice Jersey, everything looks perfect except the lower red rectangle might be a little darker then retail. Some lighting it looks proper others not, but I am probably just paranoid. 1:1 realistically would recommend. Also, its TTS if not maybe a bit big if you like your jerseys snug

  2. A_Reddit_User

    Wasn’t big enough when I went according to the size chart, still needs like 6 cm on the sleeves to be oversized Quality is great tho

  3. A_Reddit_User_1

    Its beautiful and fits perfectly. Dont get the 2xl even if XL doesnt fit you cause 2xl is literally 3x the size of the xl. Quality is good and letters look nice. A lot of people said this batch only had 3 buttons and the real one has 5, but this 89Y batch DOES HAVE 5 buttons. Theyre just hidden and hard to see but if you close them they become visible

  4. A_Reddit_User

    Tag is jacked. Other than that, it looks a LOT better than I thought it would for the price. I’m going to buy the Yankees Supreme jersey from this store in my next haul.

  5. A_Reddit_User

    1:1, seriously a dope piece. Looks like Justin Bieber in the video yo