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1 review for Moncler Douret Jacket

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    FIRST IMPRESSION (9.5/10): In hand, the jacket looks and feels amazing. The quality is not like the real one but it’s not far enough to be able to actually tell. The badge is perfect, I’ve compared it to my retail moncler windbreaker, and I can literally find no difference. About the “feathering” flaw everybody was talking about, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it doesn’t happen to me. So overall, I’d give the jacket a 9.5/10. The only thing that makes me go 0.5 lower is the thickness of the jacket, which I’ll go more into on the QUALITY section.

    SIZING (SIZE UP 2 TIMES): I usually wear an S on t-shirts, and M on jackets, I got a size L on this one, and it fits perfect; It even has room to wear a crewneck underneath it. So, my recommendation is, size up twice.

    QUALITY (9/10): As I’ve mentioned before, the jacket is pretty decently produced and it doesn’t feather a lot, just a couple of feathers here and there. The patch is perfect, I don’t really have anything to say about it as it looks exactly the same as retail. About the thickness of the jacket: this is one of moncler’s thinnest jackets, so don’t expect it to be puffy or big. The thickness looks just a bit thinner than retail, nothing noticeable tho, even more if you wear something underneath it. Lastly, the finish of the jacket is pretty nice, and the pockets are perfect (including the zippers).

    TAGS: I literally walked into a retail moncler store the same day I got the jacket, and I have to say the tags are impressive. The font is exactly the same. The tag hanging off the zipper is identical to the real one. The inside tags are almost perfect too.

    This is the end of my review for this jacket. I thought it would help a lot of people devating between buying it or not, my recommendation is, if you want a thin Moncler jacket to get that subtle flex winter vibe, go ahead and BUY IT without NO DOUBT.

    Hope this helps!

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