S*preme Black Bogo Hoodie


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8 reviews for S*preme Black Bogo Hoodie

  1. erenshee

    Great hoodie, warm, big hood, heavy and thick material, its really close to 1:1. The only issue I had is that the small badge on the bottom of the hoodie has a little missprint, but over all its really fricking great. I recomend 100%

  2. A_Reddit_User

    The weight is reminds me of my old authentic crewneck, thats one good thing!
    The thickness is great.
    The bogo is wonderful.

    I will say 10/10 1:1

  3. A_Reddit_User

    Pretty close to 1:1

  4. A_Reddit_User

    This is the nearest I’ve seen a bogo get to 1:1. Very thick, very heavy. I wore this in SF all last weekend, not a single callout.

  5. A_Reddit_User

    2nd Package – The best piece for me. Awesone quality.

  6. A_Reddit_User

    Has been reviewed to death, mine seemed to have minor stitching issues when viewed up close though. Unless you’re up close, it looks fine. 1.21KG

  7. A_Reddit_User

    Really thicc blank, feels like retail. Can’t do a side by side comparison as I sold my retail but if this isn’t accurate then idk what is. I’ll let you judge the bogo for yourselves but if you think that you’ll get called out for this you’re crazy. Only flaw I can see is tags, and maybe the drawstring length? idk about that one tbh. Hats off to TC! It was worth the wait.

  8. A_Reddit_User

    An easy 10/10 for me. Absolute must cop. Blank is thick and warm, one of the best stitching and grains on bogos now.

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