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2 reviews for Canada Goose Langford Parka Down Jacket

  1. A_Reddit_User



    This jacket comes shipped well-packed and in a “Canada Goose” bag (as can be seen in the pictures).

    The moment I took it out, I just felt like I was holding a quality garment. Everything felt solid, there were no loose threads. It felt heavy too. Like it should.

    The factory that feiyu works with for these jackets are NOT skimping on the down, let me tell you that. This jacket is extremely full. Even substantially overfilled when comparing to the retail Langford. I will further address this point in the “accuracy” section of my review. It should be noted that both the rep and retail Langford parkas have different levels of filling between the red and black badge versions. The black badges are slightly (in the case of the retail) and extremely (in the case fo the reps) fuller.

    All seams on the jacket are straight, even, and have no threads hanging from them. The compartments for the down filling are appropriately sized and distributed. The materials used are of high quality and more or less consistent with the retail Langford parkas. The down compartments are well-stitched to avoid leakage (this is something I found when opening the jacket to remove down filling). Pictures can be seen in the album I have posted. The fur is absolutely fantastic. (NOTE: ALL PICTURES WERE TAKEN AFTER REMOVING APPROX 30% OF THE DOWN).

    Overall, in my opinion, for ~£190 shipped, this is a garment that you could absolutely not buy anywhere else in the UK, even if you’re looking for something that is not brand name. The quality that you receive for this price makes it absolutely worth it.

    QUALITY (9.5/10)


    Badges (10/10):
    First of all, I would like to say that if you’re buying a rep and only paying attention to the badge when QCing, you should rather spend your money on shit tier and just swap your badges. I understand the callout paranoia but there are much more significant discrepancies between these rep jackets and the original ones than the badges and fur.That said, I would also like to point out that the retail black badges differ significantly from the red ones. If anything, in my humble opinion, the rep black badges are closer to retail than the red ones. I have included pictures of the retail black badges I saw in the CG store and the one I got on my jacket. I find it hard to find any differences. The flaws on my badge are nearly identical to the flaws on the retail black badges. Yes the leaves are significantly thinner than the red badges but the real ones are that way too.

    Materials (9/10):
    Starting from the outer shell of this jacket, I would say that the material is nearly identical to the retail. Nearly. The retail Langford seems to have a slightly less “shiny” for lack of a better word outer shell. The difference is quite small but I think it can be noticeable when you’re looking at the two under artificial light. The material on the retail Langford seems to do a better job of absorbing the light that hits it and therefore gives off a slightly more “matte” look.

    The lining of this parka is more or less the same as retail besides the fact that the retails now have the lining stitched into squares instead of rectangles like they used to be (and this one is). This is another point where the retail and rep Langfords differ between the black and red badge versions. Both have nylon lining but the black badges use a silk-like nylon for a much less abrasive feel and slicker look in my opinion. One thing I noticed is that under direct sunlight the lining of this jacket seems to give off a slightly blue-ish purple hue. Not sure if that is the case with the retail.

    The inside of the pockets is high quality fleece just like the retail version.

    The down is where things get slightly interesting. Unlike the retails, this jacket is filled with white duck down and I can confirm that because I needed to remove some of it. If you’re worried about receiving an under-filled jacket, do not. Mine came ridiculously overfilled. I had been trying on the Langford at my local CG store a few days before receiving this, and a (conservative) rough estimate would say that this jacket is approximately 30% more filled than the retail version. Absolute insanity. I don’t mind a warm and full jacket but the problem was that the sheer amount of filling completely destroyed the lines of this “slim fit” parka and left me looking like the michelin man. At first I even though I should sell it because it fit me so poorly but I then decided to take the time to carefully open each compartment, remove a solid amount of down and then sew it back together.Luckily, the results were good (all pictures in album are after removing approx. 30% of the down) and I can now wear this jacket, know it fits more or less correctly, and still feel very very warm. Pictures of the down and compartment stitching are included in the album.

    The fur doesn’t really need to be commented on too much. I think it looks fantastic and can tell you for a fact that 60%+ of the jackets in my local CG store had much worse fur than what I received. Again, people focus on this way too much.It’s worth mentioning is that feiyu’s rep fur comes from Mongolian wolves rather than coyotes like the retail.

    The zippers are exactly the same as on retail.

    The same can be said for the velcro.

    Shape (7/10):
    Unfortunately, for me, this is where these reps fall short the most. The shape is close but not quite the same as the retail Langfords. It’s not noticeable until you try on both but the reps don’t give you as much of the tailored feel as the retail does. When I removed some of the down from my jacket it got a lot better, but it’s still only about 70% there I would say. The biggest issue is the width of the sleeves. They are about 10-15% wider than on the retail jacket.

    Sizing (8/10):
    I am 196cm (6 foot 4 inches) and 95kg (209 pounds). Build wise, I am between athletic and skinny.

    The retail Langford fits me slightly large in XL and just a teeny bit tight in L. I ordered an XXL.The way that this jacket was originally filled, it felt like a retail M… I could barely get the zipper in. After I removed a lot of the down, it fit me much better to my relief but only about as large as a retail L.I am not sure if you would have the same issues with a red badge rep. I think this sizing issue came mostly from the filling.

    ACCURACY (8.5/10)

    Overall (conclusion):

    Despite some of the differences between this jacket and the original, I would say I’m very happy with my purchase. As I previously mentioned, fake or not, you would be hard pressed to find a jacket of this warmth and quality for ~£190. I stand by my choice to buy it and will definitely be wearing with confidence now that it’s getting colder and colder on the island.

    I will forward this feedback in detail to feiyu as well. Hopefully, that will mean that the next batch is that much closer to the original. It’s kind of cute how much they overdid the filling, even though it created a bit of a headache for me. Glad to have that remedied now though…

    That being said, anybody in the UK/EU interested in approx 2 bags of white duck down? 😂


  2. Getmandown

    First Impressions: First of all.. the quality is amazing, literally. It’s lightweight but very warm. Will definitely keep me warm in the winter. At first I was abit iffy about the colour of the fur and disputed this to the seller but he insured me that the colour is nothing to worry about due to coyotes having different furs and not the same.

    Warmness: 10/10

    This winter will be cold where I live and I can insure that it will definitely keep me smoking hot! It’s light but very warm and does not add excess weight onto your body when wearing the jacket.

    Quality: 9.9999/10

    The quality is superb! Built very well and can tell that a lot of time has went into making this jacket. The fur is amazing. It hasn’t gotten that puffy ness yet as I haven’t used the blow dryer to puffer it up yet however overall it is a really well made jacket.

    Sizing: Definitely size up once. This a size medium and i am around 170cm tall ( not sure in ft )


    It is very accurate however there is a few flaws which could be corrected, for example the badge has some extra stitching which I’m going to cut off by using a stem ripper. The badge is not noticeable from far though so does not bother me at all.

    The coat hanger bit at the back has also got a few flaws however nobody will see that as the hood will be down majority of the time and is not noticeable from far.

    Conclusion: 9.999/10

    overall i am really pleased with this jacket and will definitely buy another from him soon!

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