Canada Goose Expedition Parka Down Jacket

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5 reviews for Canada Goose Expedition Parka Down Jacket

  1. A_Reddit_User

    The badge is crisp

  2. A_Reddit_User

    Very nice friend. Solid crisp badge, also solid expedition tag. The fur looks nice, will need some fluffing but I wouldn’t worry about that since they all do. GL from me!

  3. A_Reddit_User

    looks real nice +1

  4. A_Reddit_User

    First impression: amazing quality, great size, I ordered an XXL

    I spent about 2 weeks trying to decide between Kelly and feiyu, because Kelly is 90$ cheaper, but ended up going with feiyu. The coat is nice and heavy I’d say close to 4-5 lbs, no loose threads, the badge looks perfect to me ( the maple leaves might be a little thick, let me know), the inside label has the floating A in “Canada” as you can see in the pics. The coat comes in a nice packing bag, folded, has all the tags and the holographic sticker. It has YKK zips, and everything feels very sturdy. Overall I’d 100% reccomend, I’ll post pics of sizing later I’ll use a measuring tape to show exact numbers. It fits me great I wanted it a little big, I probably could’ve worn just an XL.

    Measurements: Length 86cm Bust: 128-130cm Sleeves: 68cm plus elastic cuff which is 7-8cm Shoulders: 55cm Hood depth: 32 cm with fur folded out, about 8cm less folded back.

    Badge: very clean, no floating A, or loose threads. Might have thick maple leaves, I’m no expert Overall I’d say 9/10

    Fur: good fur, great color, it seems like it might be thicker on one side but I’ll look closer when I’m home, looks clean and feels soft, I don’t know if it’s wolf or dog or coyote. Overall 8/10

    Expedition back badge: nice embroidery, no errors I can see, no loose threads, looks perfect. Overall 10/10

    Coat overall quality: 9.5/10. I can’t find anything wrong with this, maybe you can. Let me know. I’m definitely happy with paying 230$ for it.

  5. A_Reddit_User

    First Impression: The jacket just made a solid first impression when I took it out of the bag. Good work quality, almost no loose threads or anything. Good fur. It might or might not be as puffy as retail, but after wearing the parka outside I can tell you that it does keep you very warm.

    What I am most impressed by is the attention to detail. This isn’t a lookalike. This is rep can do so much I didn’t even know authentic Canada Goose can do. There are so many features that the pictures simply don’t show that you have to buy this for. First of all it has all the pockets. Everywhere. Some even have 2 compartments, one with fleece inside (for your bare hands) and one with the jacket shell material (for gloves or items). The hood has a wire-frame so you can shape it how you want it to be and it stays that way. There is a little pocket to put away your wash-tags. Not only does it have an inside belt-like tightener, the velcro on it is also protected when not in use to protect your clothing. The zipper is made for heavy duty. Canada Goose has put a lot of effort into this and Feiyu has put a lot of effort into imitating it (no judgement).This attention to detail was something I didn’t expect that just blew me away.

    Details: As I showed in my last post, the badge is on point. Perfect, I think. It’s about 8cm wide but I don’t need my replacement badges. The inside tag-logo is ok but when you look closely you can see that the writing isn’t nearly as good as on the badge. The “Expedition” on the back looks very good. The fur is hard for me to judge, I feel like it’s a little too much around the cheeks, but I might change my opinion when it gets really cold. Regarding puffiness: I sized up because I was in between sizes and it was definitely the right choice because I want to be able to wear something underneath. For me it is puffy enough and the down pockets are filled.

    Extras: The jacket weighs a little less than 2kg and comes in a nice thick zip-bag with Canada Goose branding. While the logo on the bag sucks it’s perfect for personal use and storage. Inside you can find all the wash-tags, some of which are holographic.

    Conclusion: My new favorite item. Well worth the money. It’s basically perfect in every aspect I care about. I know that perfect reviews are always met with skepticism, but I hope the pictures speak for themselves and show you that the item is really as great as I say it is. 10/10

    P.S. I am looking at buying another item (either the vest or his Chilliwack Bomber and next year the Langford Parka) and one last thing I also wanna share with you is that RepArchive has this neat store overview, which really helped me identify all of his items to compare to retail.

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