This is a page dedicated to different discount and coupons you can get from Superbuy.

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Superbuy welcome bonus coupon, slim version, left orientation
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June 2022 – March 2023: Superbuy long term Discount Code!

This summer discount code is valid from now (June 8th 2022) until September 8th 2022 (extended until March 2023!).

It can be used as often as you wants and comes with no minimum spending – so you should always use it!

Disclaimer: This is not part of the affiliates program, we get nothing if you use this code.

Discount Code


What’s included?

Discounts for each country and shipping service

CountryShipping ServiceDiscount
All Countries (EU+US)Tax-Free Air Line in EU&US30%
All CountriesHK UPS Preferential Line-B20%
All CountriesSAL20%
All Countries
(excl. USA/CAN)
All Countries
USAEMS Preferential Line5%


On top of that, you get a insurance that covers customs, taxation and more. I have to fully understand it, then I will report more on that, so make sure you allow push notifications and follow r/RepArchive on reddit.

Superbuy compensation plan
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How to redeem the discounts?

This is not in the coupons section, it’s a discount code you can redeem during international shipping checkout.


superbuy summer 2022 discount code redeem on desktop
Click the discount code button and enter the code
superbuy summer 2022 discount code price reduction
The amount will be substracted

Mobile App

superbuy summer 2022 discount code redeem on app

Welcome Bonus

This Superbuy Coupon you can get for signing up through RepArchive. It’s worth 188 ¥ rmb, ~ $30 USD depending on the exchange rate.

Superbuy welcome bonus coupon, slim version, left orientation
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Can I use the welcome bonus coupon if I already have an account?
No, this is for newly registered users only

Can I create a new account to use this?
Yes, you can. We’d appreciate if you do it to help us, but if you do it to save money, keep in mind that you lose your Superbuy level/experience points.

Does this help RepArchive?
Yes, it does. The portion of your shipping is our main source of income to pay for this site and all it’s costs. We appreciate it!

Is this for items or for a shipping discount?
This is for international shipping only. Almost all Superbuy discounts are. Item discounts are really rare.

Is it one coupon?
No, actually it’s split into multiple coupons for multiple shipments

Is there a minimum shipping fee?
All coupons come with a minimum shipping fee. You can find each in the infobox

Where can I see my coupons?
You can find them in the Coupons Section on your account page

Can coupons and discount codes be combined?
Sadly, that’s not possible. You can only redeem coupons, discounts or points on Superbuy.

Is Superbuy legit?
Superbuy is absolutely honest. We’ve closely watched them for more than 5 years. There have been no reports of stolen items.