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Customs Declaration Calculator

The declaration calculator is a guided, interactive calculator that reacts to your inputs and shows you how much you could declare for a parcel.

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Answer all the questions in order, and you will have your result in a matter of seconds. The information is country and shipping service specific, so you will get a different declared amount if you're using a tariffless line.

Here are a few things that could happen, that are worse than using this tool:

  • getting seized
  • paying VAT and tolls
  • waiting in the queue for the customs hotline
  • having to pick up your parcel somewhere
So invest one minute, don't get seized, save money and get your delivery without worrying.

This applies and should be used when shipping with a shopping agent like BaseTao, Cssbuy, Pandabuy, Sugargoo, Superbuy, Wegobuy or Hagobuy.

Disclaimer: This is no legal advice. I'm not a lawyer. If customs asks you something, answer with the truth. Do not break the law. Do not interpret this as advising you. No guarantees or warranties. All this page does is put community rules-of-thumb into an interactive flowchart. Use this to make truthful customs declarations.

Interactive Calculator

Country: What country are you shipping to?

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Region: North America

Agent: What agent are you using?

The agents hand over the parcel to international shipping companies, so this whole process is not really agent dependent.

If there were things you could do with a certain agent to improve your odds, it will be noted here.

Did you know: RepArchive is free, we only exist because people sign up on Pandabuy with our affiliate link. It's free for you, but it makes a world of difference to me & the community. Thank you!

Kind of shipping service: What kind of shipping service are you using?

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This is a community project. If you think something is wrong or could be done better, let us know.

Questions and Answers

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