RepArchive says thank you

Your support means everything to me, literally. When you finish shopping on Wegobuy or Superbuy, a small portion will now go to RepArchive, at no extra cost for you. You probably just want to go back and get your items, but there’s more you should know.

Your help allows me to finance our servers, software licenses and some of the products I review and give away. Most importantly it allows me to spend time working on RepArchive without having to feel bad for it.

I’m fully transparent about this, we don’t want to trick you into supporting us or try to do it secretly, that’s why you see this page and the disclaimer for every link.

Being open about it allows me to express our thank you to you personally.

I believe that the best way to thank you for our support is to commit myself to provide you with the best service. RepArchive is continuously getting worked on, day and night. Most of which is in the background, you can’t see it, but the goal is to improve our service. Make more information available easier and bring innovations to the way you shop.

The Coupons you got

Maybe the $40 worth of coupons are what motivated you to sign up, maybe you don’t even know what I’m talking about.

Either way, if you signed up through our link you received $40 worth of coupons, right here: wegobuy link, superbuy link.

What to do from here?

Well, you just signed up to shop, so the logical thing is to finish your order.

In case you don’t know, ordering is a 3 Step Process: Finding, Buying, Shipping. You can read all about the 3 Step Process in our 1 Minute Welcome Guide.

The 1 Minute Welcome Guide is the best place to start if you see yourself as somewhat familiar with online shopping and if you think you can figure out the details yourself.

If you want to know every little detail, starting with what you need to know and taking you beyond to become an expert, read our RepGuide. This is especially important if Taobao isn’t enough for you and you want to learn about Weidian, Expert Shopping, Trusted Sellers and so on.

There’s more

Look around, browse the biggest English Taobao collection

But before you try to figure everything out, how to ship and how to pay, why don’t you take a look around and put some items in your cart? The all items page is the best place for that.


One of my personal favorites on RepArchive is our Blog. It’s a collection of important tips and tricks, news, important reviews and guest posts from the best reddit posters.

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Our Other Pages

You have more interests? We have pages that focus on different purposes focuses on female fashion. It has a big inventory, yet the inventory is clean. Lots of work going into this! a site that features toys, specifically brick toys like lepin, with a different approach. Items are automatically compared and (unless you wish otherwise) you only see the best link. electronics from taobao, nicely sorted.