Ever wondered which agent charges what fees and in which cases? Here’s the answer. A list of all agents and all their fees, including service and payment fees for a variety of payment methods.

Cost Overview

AgentService FeesPayPal Payment FeesCredit Card Payment FeesTransferWise Payment Fees
Wegobuy0x * 1,037 + $0.3x * 1,037 + $0.2/
Superbuy0x * 1,029 + $0.3x * 1,029 + $0.30
40% discount
Pandabuy0x * 1,0384 + $0.3x * 1,0384 + $0.20
Sugargoo0x * 1,035 + $0.3/0
Cssbuy6%x * 1,03 + $0.3x * 1.04 + CNY 2.50
Basetao5%x * 1,029 + $0.3 (locked)x * 1,029 + 0.3/
Ufobuy0x * 1,029 + $0.3x * 1,029 + 0.30
40% discount
x is the item price

I totally understand if this is too complicated and you don’t know what to do with this information. That’s why you should use our shipping calculator. It automatically applies the right service fee, PayPal payment fee and even exchange rate. That means it handles the most important aspects of this rather difficult to read table. It tells you what agent is the cheapest for your situation and you don’t even have to think about dealing with fees.

ultimate RepArchive shipping calculator

Notes and explanations:

Exchange rate

Exchange rate fees are excluded as they change every day. Our shipping calculator updates them multiple times a day, they are included there.

Credit Card Fees

All agents that offer credit card payment do so using Paypal through credit cards.

Transferwise Discount

The TransferWise discount, for the two agents that offer it, is applied on exchange rate fees. Let me give you an example: Superbuy right now has an exchange rate of 0.16. The market exchange rate is 0.148. That means on a ¥800 item, you pay $128 with Superbuy, while it would only be $118 at the market rate. That means the exchange rate fee is $10, a 40% discount means Superbuy will only charge you $124.

This is an easy way to safe money. Using TransferWise makes sense for customers with USD as their home currencies, but it’s an even better deal for people that use Euro’s or another 3rd currency, that has to be converted twice. If you don’t have an account yet, click the banner below.

transferwise / wise banner

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