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Sneaker Price Comparison: Which Trusted Seller has the Best Prices?

In r/Flexicas’ top post of the month, u/Powerful-Farts had a few ideas how we can compare the most popular trusted sellers for sneakers. We got permission to post it as part of our “best of reddit” category.

What’s nice about his method is that it doesn’t only allow us to compare sneaker prices from different sellers, by combining the items into “baskets” it also allows us to compare the sellers.


How to NOT Overspend on Taobao

Everyone can imagine that RepArchive lives from Taobao and Weidian hype, and that we want as many people buying as many items as possible.

But we also have a responsibility. That’s why I decided to feature u/LazyPythonPlayz’s “How to NOT Overspend on Reps” Guide as part of our Best of Reddit Series. It’s very critical and the basically the opposite of what you’d expect from us. Enjoy!

bT from RepArchive

Supreme Box Logo (Bogo) Ultimate QC Guide

Hey guys, after all the requests and DM’s, I thought I’d put together a guide for those of you who want to QC your own Supreme box logos hoodies or crewnecks. Keep in mind this guide is meant to help you QC your bogo to determine whether it’s a replica or retail and to determine it’s flaws. I’ve added photos to help you do a rep vs retail comparison side by side.