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Help RepArchive by Submitting Your QC Pictures!

Date: 9/6/2018

Hi my friends, people who frequent RepArchive might have noticed that we suddenly have a lot more QC pictures on our site. The reason for that is that we teamed up with the QC Suite Plugin, also known as "Superbuy2Imgur" by u/AColdFloor, a plugin that has everything to do with QC Pics.

First of all I want to introduce the Plugin's core function to you. The Suite collects QC pictures and embeds them in the taobao page of the specific item. So in an ideal world you can see QC pictures of every item right on the page while you are browsing Taobao.

RepArchive now fully integrates the tool's database and adds the QC pictures to the site. Everyone knows in hand pictures are better than Superbuy Satellite picture, so those don't get overwritten. We have added well over 1000 new imgur-albums, with at least 3000 pictures, doubling the amount of featured QC pictures.

Do your Part

This is huge and it's easy to do your part:

  1. Install the QC Suite plugin here (it looks scarier than it is, you can easily get it running in a minute).
  2. Upload your QC pictures from the Superbuy Shopping Orders Page - those of you who want to waste as little time as possible can just click multiupload. If you have too many items it will put you on a cool-down due to imgur restrictions, so at that point you'll have to wait an hour to continue.

If you don't want to take more than 2 minutes, just doing one multi-upload really helps. Even if you aren't a fan of RepArchive, you'll profit from QC Suite's core function. This is a community effort that has a more permanent impact than all the QC posts which the search function doesn't pick up anyways.

We also helped QC Suite with a bugfix, so if it didn't work for you previously it's worth giving it another shot.

Here are some other things to expect in the future from our cooperation:
  • RepArchive reviews and item names embedded in taobao
  • Reverse Additions! Items that have been gp'ed and are in the QC Suite database but haven't been posted on Reddit and thus weren't added to RA can be added to Reparchive. These item's will have QC pics already but lack names. So they'd all have to be named manually, but that's easier with pictures in hand. With the amount of items the database includes at this point in time, I'd either have to develop something to make it a crowd-sourced effort (and I saw how that went with my shipping price calculator).

p.s. to have as many QC pictures as possible we need to get as many people involved as possible.

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