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Sneaker Price Comparison: Which Trusted Seller has the Best Prices?

Date: 8/25/2021

In r/Flexicas' top post of the month, u/Powerful-Farts had a few ideas how we can compare the most popular trusted sellers for sneakers. We got permission to post it as part of our "best of reddit" category.

What's nice about his method is that it doesn't only allow us to compare sneaker prices from different sellers, by combining the items into "baskets" it also allows us to compare the sellers.

Which trusted seller has the best prices?

How did I reach my conclusions?

  • I searched the Trusted Sellers List for 7 of the most popular reps that I've seen on Reddit.
  • I excluded sellers that made it impossible to see the prices on their website
  • I compared the highest quality batch for each seller
  • Shipping cost is not considered. For sellers with free shipping (UaBat, OWF) I substracted $30.

What's the Market Basket Cost?

The market basket cost is the combined cost to buy all 6 items from the same seller.

It's 6 and not 7 because AJ1 Dior is not available from all sellers, so it has to be excluded

This allows us to compare the price level of sellers and their store as a whole.


AJ1 Dior

AJ1 Cactus Jack ('19)

AJ1 Dark Mocha

AJ1 Off-White Chicago

SB Dunk "Medium Curry"

SB Dunk Off-White "The 50"

Yeezy 350V2 Zebra

All Results Table

SellerYeezy 350 V2 ZebraSB Dunk Off White (The 50)SB Dunk Med. CurryAJ1 Dark MochaAJ 1 Off White ChicagoAJ 1 Cactus Jack ('19)AJ 1 DiorBasket Cost
Boost Master Lin$ 96.00$ 68.80$ 48.80$ 96.00$ 80.00$ 96.00$ 158.00$ 485.60
Cocosneakers$ 125.00$ 140.00$ 125.00$ 135.00$ 139.00$ 159.00$ 338.00$ 823.00
Goose Master Kim$ 126.99$ 116.99$ 110.00$ 133.99$ 139.99$ 139.99$ 259.99$ 767.95
Kickwho$ 135.00$ 128.00$ 98.00$ 140.00$ 150.00$ 150.00N/A$ 801.00
Mango$ 129.00$ 119.00$ 105.00$ 125.00$ 125.00$ 129.00$ 259.00$ 732.00
Monica$ 109.00$ 109.00$ 109.00$ 124.00$ 114.00$ 129.00$ 294.00$ 694.00
OWF$ 119.00$ 112.00$ 117.00$ 119.00$ 119.00$ 119.00$ 222.00$ 705.00
Panda Chen$ 75.55$ 75.55$ 75.68$ 90.96$ 106.38$ 106.38N/A$ 530.50
UABat$ 90.00$ 105.00$ 90.00$ 115.00$ 125.00$ 120.00$ 250.00$ 645.00
Will$ 139.00$ 139.00$ 129.00$ 139.00$ 139.00$ 139.00$ 279.00$ 824.00

Market Basket Cost


It's wrong to assume that these prices directly correlate with the quality of the items.


This is an educational post, it does not reflect the opinion of or u/Powerful-Farts. We are not affiliated with any product, brand or seller shown.


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