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The biggest search index

Instead of looking through 118 Pandabuy spreadsheets on Google Sheets, use the search bar to search all 60022 rows in an instant. Effectively, this is the biggest spreadsheet.

The most effective search engine

The best search engine we ever made. Nothing is lost in translation, you can search real spreadsheets with real names. You'll be amazed how well it works.

Self-sustaining maintenance and curation

Tiktokers make money with spreadsheets. It's in their own interest to maintain and update them. Now they work for you.

Integrated Reviews, Sizing Help etc.

Reviews, sizing guides and other helpful comments are included right in the search results, on a per-item level, combined from all different spreadsheets.

9 supported shopping agents

Pandabuy Spreadsheets, but not just for Pandabuy. There's a setting so you can use any agent you want, make this your Pandabuy, Wegobuy, Superbuy, Hagobuy, Sugargoo, Cssbuy, KameyMall, CnFans or EzBuyCn spreadsheet, it's up to you.

Real Prices, real exchange Rate

Our prices are more accurate that the source spreadsheets. That's because we use up to date item prices and convert them using the agents' exchange rate, including markup. To make it even more accurate, we include domestic shipping cost.

Shipping Calculator integration

Get shipping estimates right on the spot, with the help of our popular shipping calculator.

QC.Photos integration

Instantly look at QC pics for all items. Once again we're delivering extra value by including results from Pandabuy, Cssbuy and Superbuy.

Less duplicates, more content

We deal with duplicates the right way: You will not see the same item twice, but comments and useful information is consolidated.

Works on your phone

Spreadsheets or Google Sheets in general are almost unusable on phones. This page is fully optimized for use on mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Spreadsheet disclaimer: The results of the spreadsheet search come from Google Sheets. The last paragraph applies to them just as much. Again, we do not sell or promote these items, we just provide a search index for Google Sheets. If these listings violate your rights, you should report them to Google and in case it is a product, to the marketplace where they are sold. We are willing to help you as much as we can, and provide instructions to do so, and offer to blacklist any item upon request. Just click the flag icon on any search result.

Advertisement transparency: All shopping agent links are affiliate links for agents. This includes the price tag buttons, *-tagged links and the links embedded in images. We do not get a commission for the sale of the item, only for their function as a freight forwarder.

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