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Universal Link Converter

This is the most powerful link converter - and still easy to use and straight to the point. It converts and sanitizes Taobao, Weidian, Tmall and 1688 links, as well as links from Cssbuy, Pandabuy, Sugargoo, Superbuy, Wegobuy and Hagobuy.

Even shortened Pandabuy affiliate links, shortened Hagobuy affiliate links and shortened 1688 links are no problem. This converter is able to decode,,,,,, back to taobao links, weidian links or any other agent.

Input the link to convert here. It can be a link to any agent or marketplace.

Get the RepArchive Browser Extension. It uses the same technology to automatically converter links on Reddit and agent pages to your preferred agent!
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*Advertisement transparency: All shopping agent links are affiliate links for agents. This includes the price tag buttons, *-tagged links and the links embedded in images. We do not get a commission for the sale of the item, only for their function as a freight forwarder.

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