If you are completely new to this, new to RepArchive, don’t know what Taobao is, this is our guide that narrows everything down to a 1 minute read! Get started now.

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Everything you need to know to get started

Reading time: 1 minute

What’s Taobao?

Taobao is a Chinese online market place. The catch: it’s domestic, meaning from China for China.

There are obvious disadvantages:
– The language makes it hard to find what you are looking for (that’s where we come into play)
– You cannot ship directly (we also have a solution, keep reading)

But there are bigger advantages:
– Today, everything is made in China so you can find everything
– Items are priced to be sold. In China that means pricing it for people with one of the world’s lowest incomes, for logical reasons that means the world’s best prices!

The 3 step process, finding, buying, shipping from Taobao

How to find items

That’s what were here to help you with. Use our search function or the filters on the all items page.

Items are easy to find on Reddit. Check out our “All Reps”-Feed to quickly follow or browse a collection of the relevant subs.

How to buy

You will have to use a shopping agent. An agent is a parcel forwarder, they have a warehouse in China and buy the items from Taobao for you. Then they send you QC pictures for inspection, based on which you can return items.

There are many agents and competition drives the prices down. We strongly recommend wegobuy. It’s the newest agent, specifically made for our needs. They have the easiest to use interface, outstanding prices and customer service.

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In the 1 minute guide we will not explain how to place an order. It should be self-explanatory, if you are struggling we have the RepGuide. Make sure your wegobuy is toggled to English (top left). After buying your item will be shipped domestically.

How shipping works

Shipping refers to international shipping, the next step after buying, domestic shipping and inspecting.

The agent lets you choose between renowned shipping lines, such as DHL or budget ones. There’s a variety of added services available, such as bubble wrap. Note that you’ll even get >40% of the displayed shipping price back.1

Online you’ll read scary stories, but that’s selective bias. Wegobuy parcels are insured from random losses. You get tracking codes. Even if the customs authorities inspect your parcel, your agent and our international discord are there to help. Hundreds of members who have shipped thousands of parcels have not reported a single seizure by customs.

You’re good to go!

Watch this guide as a video on our YouTube Channel

Learn more

We do feature other sites than Taobao and there’s much more to learn. Take the time to read the RepGuide and you will know everything we’ve learned over the last couple years.

RepArchive is not affiliated with Taobao or Alibaba Group.

1 That is because agents have extra money on hand when they give your item to the shipping service because they too can only estimate the cost. If they didn’t take extra money and it wasn’t enough they’d have to take it back to the warehouse to ask you for more. The return rate is based on crowd sourced data from our shipping calculator. Our own experience confirms this.