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Sugargoo Agent

The place for all Sugargoo resources, including a link to our improved shipping calculator, all available coupons and discounts. Blog posts and QnA answers should clear up any questions you might still have.

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Coupons & Discounts

We have a dedicated page to list all available coupons and discounts, any way you can pay less on Sugargoo.

All Sugargoo coupons

Shipping Calculator

We have the best shipping calculator for Sugargoo! It's better than their own. It contains all hidden fees, and allows fair and equal comparisons to other shopping agents.

It also uses Sugargoo's real exchange rate! If you want to learn more about the exchange rate and how it compares with other agents, you can do so here.

Make Sugargoo your main agent

Everyone in the community uses different agents. So you will find links that lead to those other agents, even if you only use Sugargoo.

RepArchive likes to help you with the heavy lifting, so you don't have waste your time converting links.

The browser extension will automatically convert links on reddit and give you redirect options if you still endup on another agent's page.

Get the browser extension

Setting this agent as the preferred agent means that when you do a Spreadsheet search or get a best selling item, the links will automatically be for Sugargoo.

Blog Posts regarding Sugargoo

Find blog posts.

Questions and Answers

Taobot is our knowledgebase. If you have any remaining question about this agent, you can click the icon in the bottom right corner.

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