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RepGuide #6 – International Shipping Extras

Shipping is such a big topic that we bring you a second part, that’s a bit shorter to spice it up. Another part of international shipping that’s independent from the shipping service of your choice are so called value-added services. They are available for all carriers. These options can make your shipments safer and cheaper.

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RepGuide #10 – CnFashionbuy

CnFashionbuy (CNFB or CNF) or CnFashionpub (CNFP) are the link between trusted sellers and your agent because those sellers might not sell on Taobao. Since they aren’t a public marketplace the sellers have to fulfill strict criteria. You don’t have to sign up on CNFB, it is directly integrated in Superbuy. This takes away the hassle of talking to sellers. They mainly sell shoes, but recently expanded their clothing collection.

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Help RepArchive by Submitting Your QC Pictures!

Hi my friends, people who frequent RepArchive might have noticed that we suddenly have a lot more QC pictures on our site. The reason for that is that we teamed up with the QC Suite Plugin, also known as “Superbuy2Imgur” by u/AColdFloor, a plugin that has everything to do with QC Pics.

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Comparison – TNF Logo T-Shirt

The interest in this definitely sparked over the last few weeks, and when I saw a lot of those out in the street I knew I these had to be the hot item #1. Only when I started working on this I realized most are from the same seller. So here you go, a comparison of the The North Face Logo T-Shirts

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The Replica Watch Guide

Alright. You’ve got the clothes, but something just doesn’t feel right. You’re not satisfied with your hoodie and its rectangular box logo – no. You need something more. A Rolex! But wait, where are you going to get eight thousand dollars from? Well, RepArchive’s here with a Guide to enlighten you and show you the glorious thing, called Replica Watches.

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