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The Ultimate Shipping Calculator & Shopping Agent Comparison

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7-in-1 Shipping Calculator

Combined shipping calculator for all shopping agents: BaseTao, Cssbuy, Pandabuy, Sugargoo, Superbuy, Wegobuy and Hagobuy

Hybrid Functionality

Fully featured support for two main use cases: fact-based comparison of all agents and their shipping prices as well as detailed shipping information and cost calculations.

The Ultimate Shipping Calculator

Our baseline is each agent's own shipping calculator/estimate. We combine them all and enhance the data. The result: Even if you have already chosen an agent, let's say Pandabuy, filtering the RepArchive Shipping Calculator to Pandabuy will deliver better results than Pandabuy's own calculator.

True Price Technology

As a neutral party we do everything to level the playing field and make prices comparable. We include varying exchange rates, service fees and payment fees. Agents like to conveniently leave these out, so why would you use a shipping calculator if it can't even tell you how much shipping really costs?

Beginner Friendly

Our new user experience guides you straight where you want to go without asking for too much input from you. Presets and sane defaults help with that.
Narrowing down is simple, thanks to our cascading navigation: Country > Agent > Shipping Service.

Professional Grade

While beginners have it easy, if you want to dig deeper, you can. Advanced settings include adjustments to make fees match your VIP level or payment conditions. Details show everything you could possibly want to know; including restrictions, descriptions and price calculations in USD and CNY.

Powerful Filters and Sorting options

You want to compare EMS offers from all agents? Our unique carrier filter got you covered. Staying out of trouble with customs is equally as easy, thanks to our unique filter for tariffless/tax free/triangle shipping.

Easily shareable

All URLs you navigate to on this page can be copied and will lead someone else to the same result, with the same settings selected. It's never been easier to give someone the exact help they need!

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