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WhatsApp: +8618823726241
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Markin operates a Yupoo shop.
Description: Markin offers direct or agent shipping. Use Yupoo to find an frame you like. Quick-buy through Superbuy/Taobao or talk to Markin on WeChat/WhatsApp to clarify what prescription lenses you need if you want prescriptions. Featuring the new 1-Yuan link.
Specializes in: Glasses, Sunglasses, Prescription Glasses, Polarized Glasses
Brands: Gucci,Balenciaga,Louis Vuitton,Givenchy,Burberry,Fendi,Thom Browne,Dior,Prada,Cartier,Chanel,Dolce & Gabana,Bvlgari,Valentino,Tom Ford,Celine

How to Order: Use Yupoo to find the items. Add the seller on WeChat and tell them what items you want to buy and about the discount. Use the Find on Superbuy link to buy the item via SuperBuy at no additional fees. Just click edit on the Superbuy page, select Preferential Discount, substract the discount from the price and reference Reparchive Discount in the comment field.
Please note: Discount for Taobao Token orders

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