Juventus Jersey + Shorts (16/17/18) (Soccer/Football)


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5 reviews for Juventus Jersey + Shorts (16/17/18) (Soccer/Football)

  1. A_Reddit_User

    This kit is awesome. I had no idea when I ordered this but it it comes with juve shorts, socks, and some 1:1 shinpads. I have plenty of authentic Adidas football/soccer jerseys and this one feels identical to them. The shorts are pretty solid as well. I would recommend to stick to your size, but I went 1 size up because pretty much all of my clothing is tight fitting and I want to have some pieces to switch it up if I ever feel like it. I’m yet to wash this and I have a feeling that I might shrink when I do so, so I can update you guys afterwards if you’re interested. If this jersey doesn’t suit you I would definitely recommend checking out the store because they have some other cool jerseys. My only complaint about this piece is that the Adidas logo is a bit dodgy… (see pics). Overall 9/10

  2. A_Reddit_User

    So I didn’t realize this when I ordered, but the jersey comes with a full kit (shorts, socks, and 1:1 shin pads). The shorts were a nice surprise, probably just gonna use them to go to the gym but they look nice, socks and shin pads are useless to me though. The jersey itself is really comfy, I sense that it’s probably gonna shrink a decent amount when I wash it, which is what I was hoping for tbh. Only thing is the Adidas logo looks a bit bougie… Overall 8/10 only because of the Adidas logo*

  3. A_Reddit_User

    Honestly I just wanted the jersey but I got the whole damn kit which was cool. The jersey fits nice and long which is good if it shrinks and it feels like a real jersey! The shorts is odd though, Adidas logo on the back and juve on the front idk why haha. Size XL.

  4. A_Reddit_User

    Adidas logo isn’t really sewn on properly it’s pulling on the shirt in weird angles, other than that the print is great and it fits L as an M. However, I had NO IDEA it was the full kit for onl 75 yuan haha. Should ask for a L sized shorts next time

  5. A_Reddit_User

    Wow that juventus kit is awesome

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