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3 reviews for Gucci Hat

  1. bT

    Bought 2 more.

    Material: Feels stiff, stinks and is not very comfortable and hurts my forehead.

    Details: Described in my last review, but what’s noteworthy is that the processing details that were wrong before were right this time. In the second picture you can see that the black inside of the hat was longer than its supposed to be and visible where connected to the visor. Both new hats don’t have that flaw. One of the 4 hats I own also had a seam that wasn’t straight. This flaw was also fixed.

    These 2 hats were better than the ones I had before but still have all the general flaws with the item as described in my last review. It’s not even close to 1:1 but costs less than 1% of retail.

  2. u/Sinkovsky

  3. bT

    Copped 2, can’t really go wrong for the price, it costs less than 1% of the retail price. It hurts my forehead after a while but it could be a good fit for you. It’s not 1:1, first and foremost it’s higher than retail and the web on the site is also noticeably higher. The seem on the visor is supposed to be the color of the hat, and the sides of the visor are made of black leathery material on retail and the top thingy is off too and the strap most likely as well. Still you get a ton for your money and I think it’s worth thefun you’ll have flexing.

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