Givenchy Distressed Label Crewneck- [DEAD]


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1 review for Givenchy Distressed Label Crewneck- [DEAD]

  1. A_Reddit_User

    Seller: I know there’s some controversy surrounding 69Callme1, but he delivered and did it quicker than the other sellers, so for me that’s all I want (10/10)

    Quality: $50 ain’t the cheapest you can get but it gets you the top quality items. I think this feels incredibly solid and has a nice thick weave to it (look at the pictures). No messy seams. (10/10)

    Sizing: This is an S, I usually wear M. It fits perfectly. I think Givenchy usually runs a little loose so if you want a tighter fit like me you gotta go down a size. The size chart is very accurate. (10/10)

    Details: Please take a look at my imgur album and the retail vs rep comparison.GIVENCHY: The distress is 99% correct. I’m actually amazed that they didn’t miss all the details on the E. Only the Y has a little more elements on the rep, but these might be too small for the retail pic to show. The spacing is right.PARIS might be a little bit thicker, but the again distress and spacing are right.Necktag: Just perfect, I got nothing else to say.Conclusion: I’m incredibly happy, it was better than I ever expected a rep to get, but because it’s not 100% perfect I can only give a (9/10).

    Overall conclusion: Cop, this is a great item, I’d say it’s so close that you can call it a 1:1. Looks good, feels good, is good.

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