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Yesterday a Moldovan smugger tried to smuggle replica clothes into Moldova, when he was being interrogated by the customs he told them that he was buying them...

Rep makers Arrested in Eastern Europe ! post thumbnail

Not so recently a buyer reported that his products got seized by the Belgium customs officials.

This incident is not the first being reported, the same person...

ATTENTION to all Belgium buyers! post thumbnail

Starting today Sugargoo will allow you to purchase a "personalized mask" in exchange for points and ¥2. Learn how to order and if this is a good deal.

Sugargoo is offering masks in exchange for Points post thumbnail

Chinese New Year celebrations, also known as the Spring Festival, in China start on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. The festival...

As the economy continues to become more global, major fashion companies are honing their worldwide sales and marketing efforts so that a unified message comes...

Nike and subsidiary brand Converse have filed a lawsuit against almost 600 websites for selling counterfeit sneakers, many of which you might have heard of bef...

Due to increasing complaints, and thankfully only threatened lawsuits, we decided to remove all mentions of brand names from RepArchive and our sister site Rep... first went online in 2017. That's a really long time in the short-lived Chinese B2C world, where things seem to change every day. Read or watch our video to see what we achieved so far, and where we're heading.

RepArchive's 3rd Birthday - our past and future post thumbnail

Starting August 10, 2020 Superbuy customers need to get together with Superbuy for a proof of value, otherwise Superbuy denies the service and parcels are not...

Users reported delays with EMS and China Post, both owned by China Post Group. There's a silver lining: A new rail shipping route to Europe.

EMS / China Post is Opening a New Route to Europe and gives Statement regarding Delay due to COVID-19 post thumbnail

COVID-19 has a grip on most of our lives. Get updated on the situation, based on first-hand information from Chinese sellers and scientific studies.

Coronavirus Update/Guide post thumbnail

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